Monday, April 24, 2017

“Psychiatry Unlocked” Researchers Discuss Movements Against Involuntary Hospitalization

A Lancet editorial covers the growing movement aspiring to dismantle compulsory admission and forced treatment .

‘Enough is Enough’ Series: LSD Reconsidered

Biochemical psychiatry is now moving in an unfortunate, potentially dangerous, yet predictable direction. It has run out of new drugs to try, so it's turning to psychedelic drugs, suggesting that they hold promise in the treatment of substance use 'disorders.'

Opening a Dialogue about Early Psychosis Programs in the US

It is very encouraging to observe the spread of early psychosis programs to many states and communities throughout the United States. I hope that someday there are programs in all 50 states, not just 34, and that there are literally thousands of these programs not a hundred.

What if the Folly is in Us, Too?

Faced with behavior different from our own or from our expectations, all of us feel that urge to “do something”—an act that is one of the beginnings of prejudice, a malignant virus that all of us have trouble shaking free of. We doctors, especially, want to do something: It’s what we’ve been trained to do.

Anti-Authoritarian Options for Suicidal Anti-Authoritarians

Many teenagers and young adults (the group for whom suicide is the second leading cause of death) are anti-authoritarians. For them, the idea that they're experiencing a crisis of self rather than a mental illness can reduce their pain, increase their hope and open them up for dialogue.

The Downfall of Peer Support: MHA & National Certification

Mental Health America (MHA) has finally unveiled its new National Peer Specialist Certification over much protest. It is dangerous to what we call ‘peer support’ for MHA to have done this. Even if they did it well. Which, as best as I can tell, they did not.

Would You Want Your Therapist to be Honest?

If a therapist is honest about their triggers, they risk equalizing the power imbalance. They risk being on the same plane as their client. If the therapist has triggers too, they may end up being as “bad” as the client’s, and then what? Then who is the healer?

MIA Webinar

On April 28, at 1 p.m. EDT, Mad in America Continuing Education will host a webinar presentation by Ryan Melton on early intervention programs in Oregon that emphasize psychosocial care. He will review 20 years of research on patient outcomes with this approach. Registration is $20.

Lancet Psychiatry Needs to Retract the ADHD-Enigma Study

Lancet Psychiatry, a UK-based medical journal, recently published a study that concluded brain scans showed that individuals diagnosed with ADHD had smaller brains. That conclusion is belied by the study data. The journal needs to retract this study.

Most Popular

Withdrawal from Antidepressants

A review of the scientific literature related to withdrawal from antidepressants: mechanism of action; long-term effects of exposure to antidepressants; discontinuation syndromes; relapse upon discontinuation; tapering protocols.

The Voices in my Head

Dr. Eleanor Longden, an internationally recognized researcher and speaker, presents a radically different understanding of auditory hallucinations, which in turn provides a rationale for significant changes to the current standard of care, one which emphasizes peer groups and social interventions.

The Extended Therapy Room Foundation

Our therapy practice is an alternative to the medical model within psychiatry, we meet people without any manuals, diagnosis and specific methods.

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